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Warframe’s new nemesis will crush your head between her thighs

And I am here for it

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Warframe - the Yareli Warframe, a mech with flowing blue accessories and delicate features, poses outside the Venus settlement of Fortuna. Image: Digital Extremes

Warframe’s story has recently brought a new antagonist to the forefront, and it looks like he’s getting some backup. The game’s next update, Sisters of Parvos, will arrive on July 6 and it brings a major new Corpus adversary for players to fight in exchange for sweet weapons.

Parvos Granum is the founder of the Corpus, and he’s returned from being in space limbo to lead the faction. That’s where the title “Sisters of Parvos” comes from — he went ahead and made some really powerful bodyguard ladies, and now they want to kill us. These assassins are the Corpus equivalent to the Grineer’s Kuva Liches, and players will have to undergo multiple encounters to either permanently kill them or add them as an ally to their crew.

The game’s new Warframe is Yareli, who uses aquatic abilities to fight her foes. She also has her very own surfboard, which is great for people who enjoy the K-Drive gameplay and feel like playing Tony Mech’s Pro Skater.


Form three water globules that seek out enemies and expand on contact, simultaneously damaging and immobilizing their victims.


Summon Merulina, a rideable creature of the waves, and the inspiration for K-Driving. Merulina protects Yareli by absorbing a large portion of incoming damage.


Tear through foes with a trio of orbiting aquatic blades.


Drag enemies into a crushing maelstrom and then blow them away in a watery burst. Each enemy trapped in the vortex increases the burst’s damage.

PASSIVE: Yareli gains 100% increased critical chance for Secondary Weapons when she has been moving for at least 1.5 seconds.

Warframe’s Sisters of Parvos update releases for all platforms at the same time. Later this summer, the game’s annual convention Tennocon will showcase the next updates coming to the game. Tennocon starts on July 17, and will be a digital event.

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