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League of Legends: Wild Rift introduces Lucian, new lore

Everything old is new again

League of Legends - Senna and Lucian enter the HQ of the Sentinels of Light Image: Riot Games

Lucian, the Purifier, debuted in League of Legends back in 2013. Now that the game has a mobile adaptation in Wild Rift, and Riot is slowly transferring the enormous roster over, he gets a second debut. Lucian will debut in Wild Rift just in time to set up a defense against the Ruined King.

The story of Lucian started out pretty simple. He’s a member of an ancient order known as the Sentinels of Light, and a scary ghost named Thresh stole the soul of his wife and stuffed her in his ghastly lantern. This was the status quo until 2019, when Senna escaped Thresh’s lantern and set up a conflict against Viego, the Ruined King who controls all of the ghosts on the mysterious Shadow Isles.

Lucian will be joined by Senna, his wife and the other leader of the Sentinels, in Wild Rift in the coming days. We can likely expect some of the Sentinels skins, including for champions like Graves, Diana, and Rengar, to come to Wild Rift as well.

As the Sentinels of Light event plays out across both League of Legends and Wild Rift (as well as card game Legends of Runeterra), we’ll get to see some new lore play out. It looks like Demacia and Mount Targon will be central locations for this event. There’s even a mobile experience where you can explore the Sentinels HQ for a little extra flavor, which is nice. Wild Rift has become a place where old champions can shine and become new again, and that’s a good way to keep the wind in the story’s sails.

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