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Excuse me, why is League of Legends’ scariest ghost suddenly sexy?

Bro ... bro, you have abs now ...

League of Legends - Unbound Thresh, an image released on League of Legends social media, which shows the revenant Thresh as a sexy glowing ghost man with abs Image: Riot Games

League of Legends’ Ruined King, Viego, is causing a whole host of trouble across Riot’s many games. The entire thing looks like it’s playing out like a comics event. An Avengers-style team of heroes from around the world of League are teaming up to fight off Viego and his mind controlled army of mist and monsters.

This is all pretty straightforward and I’m looking forward to it, but I just have one question. Why is Thresh, a spectral skeleton warden from the Shadow Isles, a super hot mancake now?

Meet Unbound Thresh. This is a new skin coming to League of Legends as part of the upcoming event. It makes sense that Thresh is getting a skin to show some kind of character development. Sentinel Vayne is a canonical step forward for the character, and she has a new voice-over to match. Pantheon appears to have an entire character arc play out, as he has both a Ruined skin and an Ascended skin with lore descriptions attached to each.

It’s just that Unbound Thresh doesn’t really seem to match the fantasy of the base Thresh character. Check out this story cinematic from Legends of Runeterra, which shows Thresh sadistically stalking his prey. He’s a scary skull-faced man with a hook and chain who causes problems and I love him for it.

But why is Unbound Thresh so gosh darn hot? Look at him! He’s got a six-pack and a jawline that could cut glass! Is this a temporary story beat, or does he just look like that all the time now? Is this because people loved Spirit Blossom Thresh, the first skin to give him dashing good looks?

It’s especially weird because we know what Thresh looked like as a human, due to an official art book. He just looked like a normal guy!

An image of human Thresh from the Blessed Isles from a League of Legends art book Image: Riot Games

I have questions, and I demand answers. There’s a hotness epidemic spreading through League of Legends, and no one is safe. Absolutely anyone, at any time, could turn out to be a complete daddy. Even if they’re a skull-faced revenant made up of wrath, spite, and intent to torture everyone around them.

Also, some people are upset because they actually found the skull-faced version to be a much more enigmatic, smoochable bad boy.

We’ve reached out to Riot for more information on this incredibly attractive man and will update should we receive new information.

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