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Destiny 2’s newest emote lets you lift a Fallen baby like Simba

Eliksni Hatchling lets Guardians live their Destiny Sim dreams

A Guardian lifts a Eliksni baby Image: Bungie via Polygon

Destiny 2’s Fallen babies took the world by storm early this summer when the studio launched Season of the Splicer. The adorable refugees have been living in the Tower for some time, but thanks to a new emote, players can finally Rafiki their way into the lives of the four-eyed infants.

Thanks to Destiny 2’s new Solstice of Heroes update, Guardians can finally get their hands on a Fallen baby of their own. The emote is called Eliksni Hatchling, and it’s exactly what you want. Players manifest a holographic Fallen baby into their hands and lift it into the sky, just like the opening of the Lion King when Rafiki shows Simba off to the Pride Lands.

A Guardian lifts a Eliksni Baby in the air
The Eliksni baby blinks and gets very excited once you lift it
Image: Bungie via Polygon

The emote’s name, Eliksni Hatchling, uses the term “Eliksni” instead of “Fallen.” In the world of Destiny, Eliksni is the proper name for the Fallen race, and what they choose to call themselves. The Eliksni Quarter — where most of the Fallen babies are hanging out during Season of the Splicer — uses the same term. The term Fallen has always been a “nickname” for the “evil” Eliksni, and the Eliksni that are currently in the Last City seem to view it as a pejorative term.

The Eliksni Hatchling emote will run players 1,000 Silver — a common price for an Exotic emote. Players can purchase 1,100 Silver via Steam or other platform stores for $9.99. Today In Destiny — a website that can tell players when Eververse items will go on sale for the earnable Bright Dust currency — doesn’t show the Eliksni Hatchling emote showing up for anything other than Silver for the rest of the season. However, the schedule does have some classified items on it, so the emote could show up for Bright Dust later on in the season.

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