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Vinland Saga season 2 is on the way, and it already has a trailer

Thorfinn returns

Austen Goslin (he/him) is an entertainment editor. He writes about the latest TV shows and movies, and particularly loves all things horror.

Vinland Saga, the 2019 hit Viking anime, is coming back for a second season. Wit Studios announced the new season on Wednesday and even included a teaser trailer that shows off a few brief snippets from the upcoming episodes.

Vinland Saga’s first season follows Thorfinn, a young Viking explorer who joins a crew to seek revenge for the death of his father at the hands of Askeladd, the crew’s captain. While the trailer for season 2 doesn’t give much away, it does suggest that Thorfinn may be looking for more than revenge to give meaning to his life after everything that happened last season.

The poster and visual promotion image for Vinland Saga season 2 Image: Wit Studio

Much like the character of Thorfinn himself, who is a real historical figure, Vinland Saga frequently blends real-life stories of prominent Viking warriors, kings, and explorers with more dramatic fictional elements.

The show’s first season was animated by Wit Studio, the studio behind the first three seasons of Attack on Titan. Wit Studio will return for season 2, along with the show’s director Shūhei Yabuta and character designer Takahiko Abiru. The series will once again stream on Amazon in the United States, just like the first season. Release dates have not yet been announced.

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