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PowerWash Simulator adds a challenge mode for hardcore gamers

Bro what’s your PowerWash score I need to know

PowerWash Simulator - someone is cleaning a red helicopter with a power washer. Image: FuturLab/Square Enix

PowerWash Simulator is best known for its chill vibes. It’s a game where you can just watch gallons of water flood away all the dirt and grime in the world. However, some fans who would prefer a little more heat in the kitchen can try out the game’s new Challenge Mode. Wednesday’s patch includes Challenge Mode (Time Challenge or Water Challenge), quality-of-life fixes, and some new environments and props to clean.

Challenge Mode has players tackle different scenarios. Can you clean a playground before the timer runs out? Can you be a master archer with your power washer and use as little fluid as possible? Then the Challenge Modes are for you, while Career mode remains the chill experience of earning money, purchasing soap, and cleaning filthy things.

PowerWash Simulator is the only way some people will get their hands on a power washer and a house to wash, so it’s worth a shot. Many of these quality-of-life changes look appealing for people who found the original game finicky. There’s also an overhaul to the soap system, which is much appreciated for people who accidentally emptied their bank accounts on soap refills. PowerWash Simulator is a charmingly domestic experience, and it’s nice to see some flaws ironed out post-launch.

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