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Sony pulls PS5 ad that showed the console upside down

(Even though it looks better that way)

The PS5 logo rotated 180 degrees to be upside down Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

A new advertisement from Sony, one that should have been a heartwarming spot about a father telling his son a bedtime story about a vengeful god-slayer and his strained relationship with his child, has instead become a source of relentless teasing. Because Sony’s new console, the PlayStation 5, is displayed upside down in the ad.

After receiving a great deal of ribbing from Twitter users, Sony deleted its tweet showing the inverted PS5. The ad doesn’t appear to have been uploaded to Sony’s other video channels.

Here’s a look at the now-deleted PS5 spot:

The inclusion of an upside-down PS5 is harmless, of course, but that hasn’t stopped folks who notice such things from poking fun at Sony for the goof.

There are multiple possible explanations for this error. First, the ad’s dad may not be the brightest bulb, given his inability to come up with an impromptu bedtime story and instead lifting the narrative from 2018’s God of War. So maybe he’s unaware of how the PS5 is supposed to be placed when horizontal (or maybe he follows PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst on Twitter). Or maybe the ad’s set designer simply looked at the PS5 and thought, “Well, obviously this disc slot should be on top, because that looks more aesthetically pleasing.”

It could also be a fun callback to the original PlayStation, which many early adopters had to play upside down in order for the console to properly read discs. That’s probably overthinking it.

Perhaps, like me, PS5 Dad struggled for a solid 10 minutes to get Sony’s included stand to work with the PS5 in its horizontal orientation, failing repeatedly to secure it and said, “Man, fuck this” and just flipped it over, because now at least it lies flat.

Regardless of the reason (it’s probably that second one, though), we can agree that the PlayStation 5’s design is highly divisive, and if Sony’s ad folks looked at an upside-down console and signed off on that, that’s good for a laugh in these extremely dark times.