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Mario has been trapped inside a luxury watch

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Still cheaper than buying a mint condition copy of Super Mario 64, apparently

An image of a watch with red band and watch case. it’s a really nice Mario watch! Image: TAG Heuer

For the low price of $2,150, you can live out Bowser’s wildest fantasy and trap Mario on your wrist forever. TAG Heuer, a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, is collaborating with Nintendo to make a Mario-inspired smart watch, to be released on July 15.

In addition to a Mario Pipe, Super Star, and Super Mushroom on the bezel, the watch also has a customizable display screen where you can pick from a variety of Mario-themed watch faces, one of which just displays Mario standing there. It kind of reminds us of him being trapped behind a painting in Super Mario 64 DS.

Image: TAG Heuer
Image: TAG Heuer
Image: TAG Heuer

According to the website, you’ll be able to unlock new animations and “reach your step goals with surprise twists.” For example, if you reach a quarter of your daily step goal, Mario will level up with a mushroom. If you reach 100% of your daily activity goal, Mario will jump on the iconic ending flagpole.

The watch is compatible with apps like Google Pay and a wellness app to track daily activity, like your calories or steps taken. Also, there’s also a golf app, in case you wanted to pretend to play Mario Golf in real life.

This watch is still a lot cheaper than buying some Mario games these days. Still, we can’t help but wonder ... won’t Mario get lonely without Luigi in there?