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Betray and eat your friends in this Among Us-style Arctic survival game

Currently available in Early Access

Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Early access title Dread Hunger is a little like Among Us, but mixed together with a doomed Arctic voyage and dark magic. The game is currently in early access, but will launch as a full release in the fall.

In a match of Dread Hunger, eight explorers take off on a 19th century Arctic exploration. There’s just one problem: two of them are Thralls, and they want to make sure everyone dies in the icy coldness. That’s bad! The explorers have to work as a team, repairing their ship and pushing forward through the harsh climate before they are eliminated by sneaky Thralls. There’s also voice chat built in, which adds a fun role-play element — it’s like getting to star in The Terror.

Thralls also have more tools to sabotage the expedition than your average impostor. They can poison food, detonate explosives on the ship, and even cast dark rituals. There are also external threats, like wolves and cannibals. Don’t worry though. If things get too grim, you can absolutely eat your fellow explorers for a quick pick me up.

The newest update is called The Great Hunt, and it brings a new map called the Summit, a deadly polar bear, and a character called the Hunter who uses a bow.

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