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Wild Rift’s next patch adds bans and highlights, and flesh to Thresh

A big update for mobile League

Riot has announced a slew of changes coming to League of Legends: Wild Rift in the upcoming patch 2.4. This is a big update that adds new content and refines existing systems, and it should smooth out some of the game’s current pain points.

New champion Akshan will arrive in Wild Rift in Patch 2.4, alongside his release in the mainline version of the game. Three other champions are also making their way to Wild Rift’s roster: Thresh, Nunu & Willump, and Brand. Six skins from the current Ruination event will become available as well. Representing the Ruined King are Ruined Miss Fortune, Shyvana, and Draven. The Sentinels get three new skins, too, in Sentinel Irelia, Vayne, and Riven. Unfortunately, the Ruined King himself won’t be able to make it — Viego is being iceboxed due to some technical demands with his kit that the team can’t quite solve yet.

The available arsenal of items for players to buy will receive a shake-up. There are 19 new, reworked, or updated items in the shop, so it’s worth checking your usual item builds to make sure you’re up to date on the best things to buy.

Ranked is getting a little more forgiving as well, with three players from each team being able to ban one champion from the match. There are no longer promotion series, which means no more gauntlets when you reach the top of one division and try to hit the next.

The patch will also contain new observer features, updates to UI and mission clarity, and a highlights feature that automatically records your best moments during games. You can then save the clips to show to friends and loved ones later on so they can appreciate your incredible Thresh hooks.

Speaking of Thresh, this scary skeleton is being skinned up for Wild Rift. The default version of the champion on PC is a fiery skull wraith, but in Wild Rift, he’ll be wearing his much more attractive Unbound Thresh skin permanently. A Riot dev diary said that this change was made “to meet the requirements of Wild Rift’s mobile platforms, and in order for us to maintain our current age rating (which is important because we want to make sure players of nearly all ages can play Wild Rift).” But this change will also tie into some lore developments that make the skin canon.

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