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Vax-’em-up shooter looks like a fast-paced Minesweeper

Also, check out another chilled out skateboarding game

an assortment of pixelated images that depict different parts of a body Image: Punkcake Délicieux

Do you ever just find yourself wishing you could obliterate COVID-19? Well, that’s going to be a years-long process, one that will require years of dedicated cooperation from countries across the globe. Until then, you can play Metavaxx, an arcade-style shooter where you’ll roam around a body at the cellular level and develop the ultimate vaccine. It’s a weapon (and game) truly fit for current times.

We have this and more in Cool WIP, Polygon’s weekly roundup of eye-catching clips and screenshots of works in progress. Each week, the Polygon staff scours the internet and highlights eye-catching games — especially those that aren’t finished yet. It’s a sampling of the coolest up-and-coming projects at all stages of development.

This week is filled with projects that are just a little closer to being finished. We have a skateboarding game; a 3D platformer where you’ll dive from shadow to shadow; a peaceful survival game; and a witchy puzzler. Read on to learn more about all the wonderful games in this week’s roundup.

Fight diseases with this shooter

Metavaxx is an arcade style game from Punkcake Délicieux. The developers describe it as a “Minesweeper-Shooter” where you train a vaccine. To win each level, you’ll need to track down and destroy all infected cells. The game is finished, but we’re including it in here since it’s part of an ongoing project where the studio releases one game a month through a Patreon subscription. You can also grab it now through the game’s page.

A platformer when you dive through shadows

Dive from shadow to shadow in the 3D platformer, SCHiM. A short clip shows a tiny frog-looking creature hopping from shadow to shadow as if they were pools of water. The art style features simple, but sleek linework. It’s being created by Ewoud van der Werf and there’s no release date, but you can follow updates on their Twitter account.

Another skate game? Another skateboarding game!

As long as we continue to see cool skateboarding games (and as long as people continue to get excited about skateboarding games), we will continue to write about them. This week, we have The Ramp. This game from Hyperparadise is billed as a “digital toy for skateboard loving people.” You can check on a gameplay clip below, but you can get the gist of it pretty quickly. It basically looks like a stripped-down skateboarding game. It’s just your character and a ramp. Also, the clip features some mellow beats if that’s your jam. The game is planned to release on Steam on Aug. 3.

A survival game that’s peaceful

Usually, survival games evoke the stress and intensity that comes with fending for oneself in an unknown environment. Aquamarine, in contrast, looks quiet and peaceful. Instead of fighting off the elements, this clip shows a character cultivating a garden. Throughout the game, you’ll be able to meet creatures in a vast underwater landscape and experience its watercolor-like look. It’s currently being developed by Moebial and is scheduled to launch in Fall 2021.

A witch with neon vibes

This witchy adventure game cranks up the color. Created by Mythic Owl, Harmony’s Odyssey looks like a 3D puzzle game where you’ll arrange miniature rooms and towns tile by tile. This little gif shows how nicely the neon vaporware aesthetic fits with the low-poly look. You can check out their trailer here if you want to see gameplay and the game scheduled to launch in 2021.

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