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A Chaos psyker prepares to attack two dark eldar. Image: Cubicle 7 Entertainment/Games Workshop

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Warhammer 40K role-playing game will add tools to build your own space hulk

Take a look inside Wrath & Glory: Redacted Records, Volume 1

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Warhammer 40,000 is enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity, and so is Cubicle 7’s role-playing game set in the same universe. The newly streamlined Wrath & Glory game is expanding with a new book called Wrath & Glory: Redacted Records, Volume 1 and Polygon has the exclusive first look inside.

Games of Wrath & Glory take place in the Gilead System, a region of space cut off from the bulk of humanity by a great, galaxy-spanning storm of Chaos energy. Players can assume roles from just about any faction in the sprawling science fiction universe, from powerful Space Marines to the cyborgs of the Adeptus Mechanicus, or devout Sisters of Battle. But, up until now, virtually all of the game’s content has been terrestrial — based on one planet or another within the Gilead System. That changes with Redacted Records, which introduces player-made space hulks to the game for the first time.

Cover art for Redacted Records Volume 1 shows a ship of the Inquisition hammering a space hulk with fire. Image: Cubicle 7 Entertainment/Games Workshop

Space hulks are a unique feature of the 40K universe. These damned vessels are actually giant accretions that comprise thousands of lost space ships, all fused together. The mega-vessels travel in and out of our reality, making them the perfect home for Alien-like Genestealers or the agents of Chaos. Basically, they’re giant floating dungeons filled with untold horrors. With Redacted Records, players will get to build their own.

“This magazine-style collection of articles uncovers numerous secrets of the Gilead System,” states the books’ official description, “opening up new settings and antagonists for players to explore and confront, and new character options to increase Agents’ chance of surviving these new and perilous situations.”

The corpse of an Imperial officer lies in a chaos tainted hallway, weird glyphs on the wall. Image: Cubicle 7 Entertainment/Games Workshop
A full image of the choas psyker preparing to attack two dark eldar. Image: Cubicle 7 Entertainment/Games Workshop

Fans can expect several sample space hulks, including the Caveat Emptor, which is populated by a Chaos cult; the Dominus Vobiscum, fulled with the traditional Genestealer foe; and even one ship that has been turned into an Orkish battleground. There are also rules and tables for generating your own hulks, including areas, occupants, events, and potential salvage left behind. The book also includes all-new Frameworks — the focus and motivation for groups of players — as well as Talents to be earned as you level up.

An imperial ship pulls up alongside an Orkish space hulk. Image: Cubicle 7 Entertainment/Games Workshop

No pricing information was given, but Cubicle 7 tells Polygon Wrath & Glory: Redacted Records Volume 1 will be available for download very soon. Physical books will follow later in the year. If you’d like to get started with the core game you can pick up a free adventure at DriveThruRPG.

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