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Overwatch’s Summer Games event returns with more sick abs than ever

Sun’s out, tum’s out

Overwatch’s annual Summer Games event goes live on Tuesday, giving players another opportunity to play some Lucioball (and Lucioball Remix). It’s also a new opportunity to see the ripped abs of your favorite Overwatch heroes: This year, Symmetra, Ashe, and Sigma are busting out their six-packs for a hot hero summer.

Symmetra’s Mermaid, Ashe’s Poolside, and Sigma’s Scuba skins are all of the Legendary variety, and they can be obtained from loot boxes. They join Overwatch’s previously released sun’s-out-tum’s-out skins: Lifeguard McCree, Tulum Sombra, Côte d’Azur Widowmaker, Waveracer D.Va, Wave Hanzo, Surf ‘n’ Splash Tjorbjorn, and Lifeguard Pharah.

In addition to the aforementioned new skins, players can also get Referee Orisa — she shoots footballs! — and Sprinkles Mei from loot boxes, which you can see in the gallery below.

Players can also earn three Epic-tier skins for Hanzo, Pharah, and Winston by playing and winning games over the course of three weeks. Here’s how they’ll roll out:

  • Week 1: Ocean King Winston
  • Week 2: Sunset Pharah
  • Week 3: Nihon Hanzo

Overwatch’s 2021 Summer Games event runs July 20 through Aug. 10. It’s now playable on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One versions of the game.

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