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Apex Legends’ new character is all about gathering intel and tracking his enemies

Seer can find you no matter where you’re hiding

Apex Legends is just a few weeks away from a new season, and its details are slowly trickling in. We already heard about Seer, the game’s newest Legend, earlier this week. Now, during EA Play Live on Thursday, Respawn revealed what this stylish new character brings to the Apex Games.

While we don’t have the official ability descriptions just yet, Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier did explain Seer’s kit to WWE’s Xavier Woods during EA Play Live. So here are the abilities as Grenier described them:

Passive: Seer can sense the heartbeats of enemies when he’s aiming down his sights.

Tactical: When he sense a heartbeat, Seer can activate his Tactical ability to send drones from his chest to hunt down nearby enemies

Ultimate: “In certain gameplay situations” Seer can send out hundreds of drones which create a dome that tracks fast-moving enemies inside.

According to Grenier, Seer’s abilities are all about providing precise information to players, but if enemies are moving slowly they can stay pretty stealthy. Grenier thinks this will introduce a whole new pace to Apex Legends encounters, slowing them down from the typical breakneck speed.

Seer’s ability preview wasn’t all that Respawn Entertainment had to say during EA Play Live. The developer also announced that Ranked Arenas will arrive with the game’s next season. On top of that, Grenier mentioned that the team has new maps in the works at the moment, but that he can’t talk about them, which probably means they won’t accompany the new season next month.

Respawn also debuted a new trailer for the new season, Emergence. The trailer features Seer showing off his abilities as well as some of the calamities that players can expect from the newly redesigned World’s Edge map — which seems to include an avalanche.

Apex Legends’ newest season is set to start on Aug. 3. Respawn will release a new gameplay trailer on Monday.

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