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The Olympic opening ceremony was full of video game music

Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts made it to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The logo for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is seen in Tokyo Photo: AFP via Getty Images
Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics kicked off Friday, officially, with the Olympic opening ceremony. The ceremonies began with song, dance, and a tribute to Japanese carpentry, followed by the traditional Parade of Nations. This year’s parade of Olympians may have sounded familiar: It was all video game music, starting with Dragon Quest’s iconic theme.

Athletes from Greece walked through the eerily empty stadium to Dragon Quest’s “Overture: Roto’s Theme” followed immediately by Final Fantasy’s “Victory Fanfare.” Square Enix role-playing games were well represented at the Olympic opening ceremony, with selections from the SaGa, Chrono, Kingdom Hearts, and Nier series. Even Gradius and Soulcalibur made an appearance! (Suspiciously absent, however, was anything related to Nintendo or Pokémon, but at least Sonic the Hedgehog music was there.)

Here’s the full list of video game music played at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics:

  • Dragon Quest “Roto’s Theme”
  • Final Fantasy “Victory Fanfare”
  • Tales of series “Sorey’s Theme - The Shepherd”
  • Monster Hunter series “Proof of a Hero”
  • Kingdom Hearts “Olympus Coliseum”
  • Chrono Trigger “Frog’s Theme”
  • Ace Combat “First Flight”
  • Tales of series “Royal Capital Majestic Grandeur”
  • Monster Hunter “Wind of Departure”
  • Chrono Trigger “Robo’s Theme”
  • Sonic the Hedgehog “Star Light Zone”
  • Pro Evolution Soccer “eFootball Walk-on Theme”
  • Final Fantasy “Main Theme”
  • Phantasy Star Universe “Guardians”
  • Kingdom Hearts “Hero’s Fanfare”
  • Gradius “01 Act I-1”
  • Nier “Song of the Ancients”
  • SaGa series “The Minstrel’s Refrain: SaGa Series Medley 2016”
  • Soulcalibur “The Brave New Stage of History”