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Final Fantasy 14 player is eating thousands of eggs on stream with no plans to stop

RubberNinja plans to swallow more than 138,000 eggs on Twitch

A still of RubberNinja’s Twitch stream, in which he is consuming an egg with a koala on his shoulder Image: RubberNinja on Twitch

YouTuber Ross “RubberNinja” O’Donovan has spent the last few days guzzling eggs in Final Fantasy 14 as part of an elaborate “sub-athon” challenge on Twitch. With the help of voice and chat commands, he’s been able to eat more 35,000 eggs from his inventory, with many more to go as people subscribe to his channel.

The streamer started this endeavor, cheekily called “Eggwalker,” on July 20, and has no plans to stop until he runs out of eggs. As per his set of rules: Every 1,000 subscribers refills his inventory with 999 eggs and if he hits 20,000 subscribers total, he will have to shave his head to become an egg himself. O’Donovan himself must only eat meals that include eggs too. And when it comes time for O’Donovan to sleep, he has to keep the stream on and rely on chat to spam “egg” and command his Miqo’te to keep eating.

O’Donovan’s battle with eggs isn’t new. It started last year when he was given a stack of 999 boiled eggs from a mysterious benefactor and ate them on the Malboro server, detailing it in a Twitter thread. It was a feat that the game’s producer and director Naoki Yoshida called an “interesting” act of role playing.

Thankfully, the constant egg consumption prevents O’Donovan from being disconnected while AFK too long, a rule that Square Enix recently put into place due to the game’s sudden explosion in popularity. It doesn’t stop hordes of players gathering around him, cheering him on and blasting music in support. The game’s upcoming expansion Endwalker doesn’t arrive until Nov. 23. What else is there to do?

At the time of this writing, O’Donovan is asleep on his couch. His Miqo’te is standing in the city of Gridania dropping whole eggs into his mouth like popcorn as people pass by and emote behind him. With a going rate of about one egg every few seconds, it’s going to take a while. With each egg, he refreshes the Well Fed status, which, among other things, increases his Vitality by one. And clearly, he’s going to need it.

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