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The Walking Dead’s season 11 trailer introduces us to the Commonwealth

The zombie show’s final season starts on Aug. 22

Walking Dead actors walking in front of white hazmat suit people Image: AMC; Frame design: Austin MacDonald for Polygon
Austen Goslin (he/him) is an entertainment editor. He writes about the latest TV shows and movies, and particularly loves all things horror.

The Walking Dead is heading into its 11th and final season later this year, and fans got a sneak peak of what’s next at the TV series’ San Diego Comic-Con panel. During the panel, AMC released the final season’s first trailer which gives the show’s best look yet at the Commonwealth. AMC hasn’t released the trailer on its own on YouTube yet, but it begins at 2:00 in the panel stream.

As usual, the new season’s trailer is pretty disjointed and features more actual teasers and misdirection than real information. We see plenty of walker killing, some big fights, and someone getting bit, but most of the context is pretty obscured.

We do, however, get a few clear indications of what’s to come, including the survivors facing off against the Reapers, and a few glimpses of guards wearing armored suits. In the end-of-trailer tease we found out that these armored troops are actually the security force in the Commonwealth, where the group will end up at some point this season.

While we’ve gotten little hints of the Commonwealth from Stephanie in season 9 and 10, this new trailer is our first real look at the settlement and the first time the name has been revealed. It seems the Commonwealth is a thriving and possible massive settlement of survivors — which was its role in the comics. While the trailer doesn’t give away too many details from the plot, it does seem that the Commonwealth will play a key role throughout season 11.

The Walking Dead season 11 is set to premiere on AMC on Aug. 22 and will have 24 episodes split between three eight-episode blocks. The final block of episodes, and the series finale, will air sometime in 2022. Season 11 will also premiere one week early on Aug. 15 for anyone watching on AMC Plus.

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