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The future of Wonder Woman lies with Queen Nubia of the Amazons

The long-obscure DC Comics character takes center stage

Queen Nubia of the Amazons in her blue and gold regalia, with waist-length locs and a golden circlet, on a variant cover for Nuba and the Amazons (2021). Image: Joshua Swaby/DC Comics

It’s been a wonder of a year for Wonder Woman. From the introduction of Wonder Girl Yara Flor to Diana’s trip to the Norse afterlife, the lassoed lady of truth plans to continue her dominion over the DC multiverse. As Wonder Woman prepares to celebrate her 80-year anniversary on October 21, DC prepares to pull out all the stops.

Some of Wonder Woman’s current slate of writers and artists joined to discuss her future at San Diego Comic-Con. Writers Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad kicked off the panel with an update about their series, Wonder Woman.

In Wonder Woman, Cloonan and Conrad joined artist Travis Moore in the ambitious reimagining of Greek mythology. With the events of Infinite Frontier #0, Wonder Woman has left the mortal realm to explore the Sphere of the Gods, where Cloonan and Conrad trapped her in the Norse afterlife.

So far, the series has taken us on quite the journey. Diana’s found herself alongside some DC Universe favorites like Deadman (Boston Brand) and the telepathic Doctor Psycho. In Wonder Woman #774, readers got a glimpse at a destroyed Olympus, and after a battle of wits against the Keeper of the Grounds, Diana now prepares to face the faeries of Elfhame.

For the upcoming Elfhame issue, Cloonan and Conrad have teamed up with artist Jill Thompson, and they are more than a little excited to be working with her. Thompson’s fondly-remembered 1990 run on Wonder Woman was her first work for DC Comics, and she’ll be hand-painting her issue. Wonder Woman #776 will hit shelves on July 27.

In October, however, Diana will return from the Sphere of the Gods. Conrad says, “Diana will be reborn into the Amazonian world on her birthday” — meaning her anniversary. He added, “Diana will step into a world where a lot has changed. Nubia has shown up, Yara Flora has shown up, and Hippolyta is out there hanging out with Justice League.”

Stephanie Williams (Wonder Woman 1984) and Vita Ayala (Static, Children of the Atom) talked about Nubia and the Amazons in more detail. The series marks the first time a character of color will claim the crown as queen of Themyscira, granted to her by Queen Hippolyta when she left the island to protect Man’s World in her missing daughter’s stead.

Nubia and the Amazons follows Nubia as she forges a new path as queen and deals with challenges — like new Amazons showing up on Paradise Island. In writing Nubia, Williams says, “It’s a joy to be able to give her more backstory and meat. To really give Nubia and her fans something to hold onto. What a dream come true.”

Williams spoke passionately about how important she views her role as helping write Nubia. “This is Nubia on her own. Let’s make her so fully realized that you have no choice but to see Nubia and Nubia alone. That’s no shade. It’s just so important to have this character stand on her own.”

Ayala also noted the historic nature of the character and series. “The secret agenda of everyone on this panel is to elevate everything having to do with the Amazons.”

Nubia, queen of the Amazons, brandishes a spear on the cover of Nubia and the Amazons #1 (2021). Image: Alitha Martinez/DC Comics

Nubia, drawn by Alitha Martinez (Immortal Wonder Woman), spoke more about translating the character from Future State to a standalone title. “What does a hero like this mean? Big hair, number one. We need the flowing locs. We need to see a powerful, and yet sexy woman.”

“I expect power, great things, and she’s surrounded by all her beautiful sisters? Yes. I’m here for it.” Martinez adds, “As a Hispanic woman, you are constantly hidden. You are constantly mistaken for someone else. To finally have a role model, to have a part of something here and lasting, is amazing.”

Events like Infinite Frontier and Future State helped propel Wonder Woman into new territory free from continuity. Yara Flor became the first Amazon from well, the Amazon. The writer and artist behind Wonder Girl, Joëlle Jones, has hinted at much more on the horizon for the down-to-Earth Flor.

DC’s recent announcement of twelve new and republished titles celebrating Wonder Woman’s anniversary has kept creators more than a little busy. Some recently-announced titles include Wonderful Women of the World by author Laurie Halse Anderson (Speak, Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed). The book collects 23 inspirational stories in a young adult graphic novel.

Then there’s the planned mega-size 100-page celebration issue. The comic features favorites from across the DC Universe. Writers like G. Willow Wilson (The Dreaming), Vita Ayala, and Jordie Bellaire (Wonder Woman) feature alongside artists like Jen Bartel (Immortal Wonder Woman) and Paulina Ganucheau (The Flash) to celebrate her impressive history.

Martinez sums up Wonder Woman’s future the best, “This is you. This is us. This is yours.”

Nubia & The Amazons #1 will hit shelves on Oct. 5, 2021.

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