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Discord tidies up chat with new threads feature

File your jokes and japes accordingly

Discord has been growing as a platform, and since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, it has become an even more valuable social spot for many people. Discord’s developer is now adding a useful new feature to help your chats stay clutter-free: threads. Threads are conversations that take place under an original message, held in their own space away from the main chat.

Threads offer several practical applications. For instance, if your buddies want to talk about the newest episode of Loki, but you haven’t caught up, they can share all the spoilers they want in a thread. Threads can also be used for organizational purposes. Want everyone to get their schedule in one place? A threaded message can be helpful for this. If a thread is inactive for 24 hours, it’s archived to prevent a lot of mess in main channels.

To start a thread, hover over the message and hit the # icon. This starts a thread that can then be monitored in a tab containing all of your active threads. Server moderators and administrators will also be able to remove threads or change the settings, so they can keep their communities curated just the way they like.

Threads rolled out on Discord on Tuesday across all platforms. The feature should be handy, especially for game communities with tons of organization and role playing. It’ll be interesting to see how threads change the conversation in Discord, since the feature has proven very popular on chat platforms like Slack.

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