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This mod lets you play Wind Waker as the cutest widdle Solid Snake

It also answers the question ‘What if Link had a gun?’

Watch out Ganon! You have a new hero sneaking up your way! Thanks to a mod created by AaronTheSnob, you can now play The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker as Solid Snake, the protagonist of the Metal Gear series.

The “Snake” in the mod is done in the style of Wind Waker, so he has big eyes and cute, stubby legs. (The little sausage legs just dangle in the wind as he parachutes down.) He wears his hair up with his recognizable headband and dons the dual-toned tactical espionage suit Snake is known for.

An image of Link dressed up as Snake, or Snake dressed up as Link? I don’t know
Everyone watch out! Link’s got a gun!
Image: Nintendo/AaronTheSnob

The mod was published back in 2018, but it made a comeback after a post on it went viral on Twitter. A showcase video for the mod shows Link, I mean Snake, infiltrating the Forsaken Fortress — a stealth mission early on in the game — as he uses barrels to hide and make his way to the heart of the citadel. The trailer uses the main theme from Metal Gear and edits in a start screen inspired by the original Metal Gear Solid logo, with Wind Waker Snake looking very focused.

Personally, I just love that the mod reskins a few items as well. Instead of the Master Sword, Snake wields an adorable combat knife and swaps out his gliding Deku Leaf for a parachute. However, perhaps most importantly, Wind Waker Snake ditches Link’s bow and arrow for a universal self-loading pistol. All he needs now is a good box to hide under!

It’s fun to imagine Link as a master of stealth since the hero of Wind Waker is anything but graceful. At the start of his first big mission, his new friend Tetra shoots Link out of a canon only for him to land on the island and lose his sword in the process. Among all the versions we see of Link we’ve seen throughout the ages, this one is on the awkward side, not at all like the grizzled soldier and world-class spy, Snake.

The tech-savvy can check out the full details on how to install the mod — through running an emulator — on the page on GameBanana.

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