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Red Dead Online criminals get some new, fancy targets to rob

Steal a diamond and shake down saloons

Red Dead Online - the three Frontier Pursuits approach the camera Image: Rockstar Games

Red Dead Online’s Blood Money update is still fresh, but Rockstar is adding a few more missions for cowboys to explore. Blood Money introduced a new mission type called Opportunities, and a new one of these is on the way.

Players will get to chase down a precious yellow diamond, called Il Sovrano, which is currently in Rhodes. A group of “monied elite are meeting,” which makes this an excellent opportunity for a robbery. It’s up to you whether you go in nice and sneaky-like, or just pull out a shotgun and do things dirty. This Opportunity can be repeated on higher difficulties; completing it on Ruthless difficulty allows you to purchase a Duplessis Top Hat from Collector guide Madam Nazar.

There are also three new missions under a Saloons Contract. These require players to go to the local bars in Saint Denis and politely request some money. These missions can be acquired from open world contacts, and sometimes they can go peacefully, but other times cowboys might need to apply a little bit of violence.

Finally, a new game mode will launch on Aug. 10 called Call to Arms, in which players protect local townsfolk by fighting off waves of enemies. It will launch alongside a smaller season pass, the Quick Draw Pass, which grants players rewards as they level up.

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