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Mario Golf: Super Rush’s Toadette drought is finally ending

Free update to Switch golf game also adds New Donk City course

Artwork of Toadette on a Mario Golf course Image: Nintendo
Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Mario Golf: Super Rush, which launched on Nintendo Switch on June 25 and has since spent six weeks on the market completely Toadette-less, is finally getting Toadette. She’s coming to the new Mario Golf on Thursday, as part of a free update to the game, Nintendo announced on Twitter.

In addition to a playable Toadette, who can throw giant turnips at her opponents and whack the ball with a pickax, Mario Golf: Super Rush is getting a new course set in New Donk City.

Thursday’s update will also add a new Ranked Mode. In that mode, players can compete in ranked online matches, either in speed golf mode or standard mode, using button controls or motion controls. Players can earn match points monthly in Ranked Mode, and fight for a spot on the World Rank charts. If players earn a high enough rating each month, they’ll unlock special colors and costumes for characters.

Nintendo also said that Thursday’s update includes improved motion controls, but did not offer specifics. The company promised more free updates throughout the year.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is available now on Nintendo Switch. In Polygon’s review of the game, we said that “Mario Golf: Super Rush feels, in many ways, like Nintendo finally listening to its fans, creating a game that returns to what worked.” In addition to a “quite compelling” story mode, Super Rush also brings the joy of “body-check[ing] Luigi on the way to notching a birdie on the 18th hole.”

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