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South Park creators get $900M to make 6 more seasons, 14 movies

The movies come as part of a massive deal between the South Park creators and ViacomCBS

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artwork of the South Park town cast Image: South Park Studios/ViacomCBS
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South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have signed a massive new deal with ViacomCBS that will keep the show on the air for the foreseeable future and see the production of several new movies exclusively for Paramount Plus, reports Bloomberg.

Parker and Stone’s new contract, which is worth $900 million and runs through 2027, will include six more seasons of South Park that will continue to air on Comedy Central. The deal does not, however, include streaming rights for the regular South Park series. Viacom licensed out the show’s streaming rights to WarnerMedia in 2019, in a multiyear agreement for HBO Max that remains in effect. But with this massive commitment to the South Park brand, it’s likely that ViacomCBS will try to regain the rights and eventually bring the series’ back catalog to Paramount Plus.

One thing the deal does include for Paramount Plus is a bundle of new South Park movies. Parker and Stone will create 14 direct-to-streaming movies as part of the agreement, including one that’s set to be released later this year. Rather than being centered on the main cast of the show, these movies will be set in the South Park world and will sometimes focus on new characters and stories.

This collection of movies isn’t the only thing that Parker and Stone have in the works, either. Their Park Country company is also working on a new South Park video game. There have been two recent South Park role-playing games published by Ubisoft, but it’s not clear yet if this new game is part of the same series or something completely new.

In addition to all that, Stone and Parker are working on a few things that aren’t South Park-related — perhaps most notably, a new musical, which would be their first since their Broadway debut, Book of Mormon.

South Park’s second-ever movie is set to debut sometime later this year, but details of the show’s upcoming 24th season haven’t been announced yet.

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