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Wytchwood, Sol Cresta, and more indies are coming to PS5

Hades, Wytchwood, Sol Cresta, Oxenfree 2, Carrion, A Short Hike, and Axiom Verge all got new trailers

The witch in Wytchwood stumbles across a handsome bear Image: Alientrap Games via YouTube
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

PlayStation revealed several new trailers for a variety of indies on Thursday morning. The blog posts ranged from revealing PlayStation versions of upcoming titles to showing off new trailers for existing games.

Here’s a look at all seven of the PlayStation indies highlighted on Thursday.


Wytchwood is a stylish new crafting/brewing game from Alientrap Games. Players will control a witch roaming about a nearby wood collecting ingredients, running into characters from fairytales, and brewing various concoctions.

The developers describe the game as “chill,” and the suggestion seems to be that while the witch is trying to do good, she’s primarily interested in helping folks so they’ll leave her alone. Relatable!

Wytchwood is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this fall.

Sol Cresta

Sol Cresta is a vertically-scrolling shooter from Platinum games, and an official sequel to the 80s Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta games. Originally developed by Nihon Bussan, Platinum has taken the franchise’s ideas around powering up by docking with allied ships to create a modern Cresta game.

Sol Cresta features a “dock-and-split” system, which allows players to combine their squad of ships together to create new attacks. And different combinations will change how the Voltron-like ships behave.

Sol Cresta is coming to PlayStation 4 later this year.

A Short Hike

A Short Hike is a game all about hiking and flying from Adam Robinson-Yu. Players will control Claire, a bird that’s able to freely explore a rural mountainside by ground or by air. She’ll run into a variety of new friends on her adventure.

The game also features a collection of mini-games, like beach volleyball, to distract Claire on her journey.

Originally released in 2019 on Windows PC, A Short Hike will come to PlayStation 4 this fall.

Oxenfree 2

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals is a follow-up to 2016’s Oxenfree from Night School Studio, and it’s coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The original Oxenfree was a paranormal story about a ghostly signal and a dimensional rift.

Oxenfree 2 sees players take on a new character, Riley, to investigate another mystery. The game will play out much in the same way as the first, with its conversation system driving the gameplay.

Oxenfree 2 is coming to PS4 and PS5 in 2022.


Carrion, last year’s super-creepy monster blob game from Phobia Game Studio, is coming to PlayStation. The game is already out on Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

Our Carrion review earned the “Polygon Recommends” badge from our own Toussaint Egan, who called it a “body horror masterpiece.”

Carrion will make its PlayStation debut later this year.


Hades, Polygon’s Game of the Year for 2021, is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 next week. Supergiant Games dropped a 24 minute run on the PlayStation blog to show players the gorgeous art running on one of Sony’s systems.

Hades is a roguelite game with an emphasis on story. It follows Zagreus, son of Hades, as he attempts to escape the underworld and find his mother.

Supergiant will launch Hades for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on Aug. 13.

Axiom Verge 2

Axiom Verge 2 is a sequel to the 2015 Metroid-like. The game’s sole developer, Tom Happ offered a new trailer for the PlayStation blog, which features a host of powers players can pick up throughout their adventure.

But Happ had another reveal: Axiom Verge 2 is two worlds in one. The game’s entire map also has an alternate dimension. Players will be able to jump between dimensions to find new secrets and progress the game’s story.

Axiom Verge 2 is set to come to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC later this year.

Update: We’ve updated this story to clarify Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals’ release window.

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