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Chucklefish’s rail-riding adventure Eastward hits Switch in September

Taking the train toward adventure

Eastward- The player controls a pixellated sprite in a lush forest, and approaches a train station in the middle of a lush and verdant forest. Image: Pixpil/Chucklefish

Eastward, a charming adventure title from Shanghai developer Pixpil, will come to Nintendo Switch this September. The release was announced at Wednesday’s Nintendo Indie World showcase. Eastward was originally announced in 2018 and is planned for Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac.

The game takes place in a fantasy world where society is on the brink of collapse and the population is declining. The player assumes the role of protagonists John and Sam, and uses their unique abilities to explore cozy towns, mysterious lairs, and toxic wastes. The world is plagued by a toxic miasma, and humanity has fled underground. John and Sam — a miner and a mysterious young girl with a frying pan and kinetic powers, respectively — decide to see what has happened to the world outside of the underground sanctuaries and set out on a road trip across the rails.

Eastward is published by Chucklefish, who also published Stardew Valley and Risk of Rain, as well as developed Starbound and Wargroove. Eastward seems to fit perfectly within that portfolio, and fans will be able to crack into the strange world this September.

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