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Life is Strange: True Colors’ prequel DLC looks super cozy

Run a radio station, play D&D, and try out a dating app

Life is Strange: Wavelengths is a prequel to the upcoming Life is Strange: True Colors, and it has a super cozy vibe. Wavelengths is a DLC addition to True Colors, and it doesn’t seem to touch at all on the main mystery of Gabe Chen. Instead, we’re in the shoes of Steph, a young DJ who’s looking to make a mark in the world. Steph’s story plays out over four seasons, and we get to find out more about her and her life before we head into the main plot.

True Colors stars Alex Chen, a young woman who moves to a new city and ends up investigating the death of her brother. Alex is accompanied on her investigation by a supporting cast, which includes Steph, who also showed up in Before the Storm. Wavelengths gives us a little more background on who Steph is, and that may influence the choices players make throughout the story of True Colors.

The soundtrack includes songs from Girl in Red, Alt-J, Portugal, The Man, Foals, Hayley Kiyoko, and Maribou State. As Steph becomes more comfortable as a DJ, the player gets to see other aspects of her life. This includes running a D&D game with a friend, using the D20 to give callers advice on the radio, and swiping left or right on profiles during Pride month.

The entire DLC looks incredibly cozy, and it’ll be interesting to see how it adds to the main story. True Colors is set to be released on Sept. 10; Wavelengths will release soon after on Sept. 30.

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