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Zany 8-bit sports mashup Super Slam Dunk Touchdown launching on Xbox One

Eat your heart out, Garo Yepremian

Six athletes from different sports on an ice hockey surface, facing a goal that is a combination of a soccer goal, basketball goal, and football goalposts.
How is a basketball player going to run around on that ice? Just go with it, man ...
Image: Tipping Goat
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Super Slam Dunk Touchdown, Rick Felice’s empty-the-garage mashup of sporting goods and athletes, at last launches on Xbox One on Aug. 27. This version, teased as far back as GDC 2017, brings along a new Season Mode that supports local cooperative play with up to three players.

“Now you and your friends can create a team, build a fan base, win trophies, and discover secrets, multiple endings, and 100 achievements along the way,” Felice said. An update for the Windows PC version is coming soon; it will support cloud saves, remote play, and the 100 new achievements, too.

Super Slam Dunk Touchdown began life in 2009, but first gained public notice as a PC title at PAX South in 2015. Felice’s studio, Tipping Goat, launched Super Slam Dunk Touchdown via Steam Early Access that year, and followed it with a “Pre-Season” version in 2017; “More coming soon!” the studio said at the time.

“‘Soon’ is relative in galactic timescales,” Tipping Goat said in Monday’s announcement, “and a short few years later [it] is ready for launch on Xbox hardware with extra seasoning!”

Season Mode pits the player’s custom-built (and named) squad against six unique CPU opponents. Players also get six “micro training games” to help them evaluate their performers and choose a starting lineup.

Super Slam Dunk Touchdown assembles teams of three athletes from six sporty disciplines — baseball, roller derby, soccer, American football, ice hockey, basketball — and tasks them with scoring on a combined basketball/American football/soccer goal, which likewise can be set on ice, a soccer pitch, or a basketball court. In addition to passing, kicking, and whacking the ball (or puck), players also tackle, check, and duke it out in a no-holds-barred contact sport.

If you’re still wondering what the hell this pan-sports symposium is all about, here is a GIF:

Animated GIF showing a soccer player (grayed out, as a tribute to Konami’s Double Dribble) bicycle-kick-dunking a basketball through a hoop that is mounted between American football goalposts.
‘Nuff said!
Image: Tipping Goat

I got a look at Super Slam Dunk Touchdown in 2017 and thought it was a riot. I still do, enjoying it on my gaming laptop since. But its homage to 8-bit side-scrolling sports titles (like Double Dribble) is meant for couches and a TV, and Super Slam Dunk Touchdown’s multiplayer is local only. So the Xbox One version (compatible with Xbox Series X, of course) should tap a wider audience.

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