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The Witch Queen expansion adds the new Glaive weapon type to Destiny 2

Destiny will finally get a weapon crafting system as well

The Glaive weapon type in Destiny 2 Image: Bungie

Players finally know what to expect with Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, the game’s fourth expansion, thanks to Bungie’s Destiny Showcase on Tuesday. The studio revealed a host of details around the major update, including the addition of weapon crafting and a new weapon type: the Glaive.

The Glaive is a kind of spear or polearm in Destiny 2, with a long, curved blade on the end. It’s the series second bladed melee weapon, after Bungie added swords in The Taken King, but it’s the first melee weapon that keeps Guardians in first-person. Glaives, like swords, will have melee combos, but unlike swords, they’re energy weapons and don’t sit in the heavy slot. But players can also launch projectiles with them.

The Witch Queen also introduces Destiny 2’s first real weapon crafting system, although Bungie has fiddled with the idea in past seasons like with The Menagerie’s Chalice of Opulence mechanic. Bungie says this new mechanic will let players “craft the perfect roll,” and combine unique mods with advanced stats. It seems like it should allow players to find the weapons they’re looking for more easily.

The studio isn’t revealing much about the system just yet, but it’s the only way players can unlock the new Glaive. Guardians will be able to craft weapons from The Witch Queen at launch, with even more weapons coming later in 2022.

The Witch Queen expansion takes players to meet Savathun — the titular Witch Queen and sister of Oryx from Destiny’s The Taken King expansion. Players will adventure into her Throneworld to discover how Savathun and her brood of Hive began wielding their own Ghosts and the Light powers that come with them.

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