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Destiny 2 will update Light subclasses to the Stasis model during Year 5

The changes will start with Void subclasses

Destiny 2 Titan activating their Stasis Super Image: Bungie
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Destiny 2’s subclasses are about to start changing a whole lot more often. During the 2021 Destiny 2 Showcase on Tuesday, Bungie announced that one Light subclass will get a Stasis-style rework every season during Destiny 2 Year 5.

Destiny 2’s classes each have three Light subclasses: Void, Solar, and Arc. According to Bungie, it will change a new subclass every season throughout Year 5. These changes will start with Void subclasses with the release of the game’s The Witch Queen expansion.

Titan Stasis Tectonic Harvest Aspect
Destiny’s old subclasses will follow the Stasis model first added in Beyond Light
Image: Bungie

Bungie didn’t go into detail about the changes, but it did say that the changes would involve new Aspects and Fragments. Aspects will update the subclasses themselves, altering abilities and changing how they play. Meanwhile, Fragments aren’t tied to a specific class but still offer various bonuses that can update the way you play your chosen class or subclass. For players familiar with the Stasis system from Beyond Light, Bungie said the Light subclasses will follow a similar structure.

This new schedule of regular updates is a change from how Bungie has approached subclasses in the past. Previously, subclasses would mostly just change with the release of new expansions; all of the subclasses would get updated at once, but not always with major changes. Now, Bungie is fully reworking their subclasses to fit a more modular mold.

Destiny 2’s previous creative director, Luke Smith, spoke to Polygon about eventually updating Light subclasses last year. In that interview, he mentioned potentially removing certain effects from how the current Light subclasses work. Bungie hasn’t revealed if Supers like Nova Bomb or Well of Radiance will go away once these reworks hit.

All of these new changes will begin with the release of Destiny 2’s next expansion The Witch Queen, which is set to be released on Feb. 22, 2022. In the meantime, players can jump into Destiny 2’s new Season of the Lost update starting on Tuesday.

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