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Destiny 2 will see a raid or dungeon every three months, starting soon

Starting this December, Destiny players won’t need to wait long between group content

Destiny 2 Prophecy dungeon Image: Bungie

Bungie’s Destiny Showcase previewed a lot of content for Destiny 2 Year 5, but one of the biggest pieces of news is a fundamental shift in when players can expect new content drops. Destiny players have waited over year for a new raid before, but starting with Bungie’s 30th Anniversary celebration in December, Guardians will get a new raid or dungeon every three months.

At the end of the Destiny Showcase, Destiny 2 creative director Joe Blackburn and general manager Justin Truman revealed that the deluxe edition of the upcoming The Witch Queen expansion will include two dungeons coming to Destiny 2 during Year 5 — which sprawls from The Witch Queen on Feb. 22 to the launch of Lightfall, the expansion after that. It’s currently unclear how or if players can purchase those dungeons outside of the deluxe edition of the expansion.

The duo also revealed that Bungie will remaster a second classic raid, just as it did with Vault of Glass earlier this year. While Bungie didn’t reveal which classic raid will return, Truman was wearing a shirt from The Taken King expansion, which could hint at the return of King’s Fall.

With the new raid coming in The Witch Queen, players will have a unique raid or dungeon every season, allowing them to group up with their pals and adventure through a different, mysterious location on a more regular cadence. Blackburn and Truman also promised a Legacy rotation for raids, giving players a reason to step back into older content each week.

Bungie’s 2021 Destiny Showcase showed a lot of promising new content for PvE players, and now all they have to do is wait.

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