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Blastoise is coming to Pokémon Unite

The iconic water type will soon surf into battle royale

Pokemon Origins - Blastoise screenshot 1920 Image: Production I.G./Nintendo

Blastoise is the latest Pokémon making its way to battle royale. The new addition to the Pokémon Unite roster was announced on Wednesday with a tweet and video from the game’s Twitter account and will arrive on Sept. 1.

While The Pokémon Company hasn’t revealed Blastoise’s exact move set just yet, the teaser video does give us a few clues about what the iconic water type will do. It seems he’ll have the ability to surf forward quickly, dealing damage to enemies he hits along the way. He’ll also be able to jump into his shell and spin in a small area, as well as launch two different types of water-cannon barrages.

While Blastoise is set to come to the game at the beginning of the month, he isn’t the only new Pokémon coming to Unite in September. During August’s Pokémon Presents livestream, The Pokémon Company also announced that Sylveon and Mamoswine would arrive alongside with the mobile version of the game, on Sept. 22.

Just like Pokémon Unite’s other members of the roster, Blastoise will likely be unlockable either by earning Aeos Coins or by purchasing Aeos Gems — the game’s premium currency.

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