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Midnight Fight Express is all about beating the snot outta people

Punch and shoot on trains, next to trains, in an elevator, on an airplane, and above trains

Midnight Fight Express got a new, hyper-violent trailer at Geoff Keighley's Opening Night Live stream on Wednesday. First announced at Gamescom last year, Midnight Fight Express has only has a single developer — Jacob Dzwinel.

The new Midnight Fight Express trailer is all about close-range fighting. While it mostly features hand-to-hand combat, we also see the player characters use guns, swords, batons, chainsaws, and what looks like some kind of harpoon on a rope. Midnight Fight Express has a pulled-out third-person camera, so players can see the entire battlefield when surrounded by enemies.

Players won’t just be battling human enemies; there will be some robots and monsters as well. Midnight Fight Express also offers varied environments like subways, night clubs, and rooftops. Players can drop enemies off ledges or push them into hazards in addition to beating the hell out of them.

Dzwinel will launch Midnight Fight Express next summer — although he didn’t announce an official release date. The game will come to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One with Game Pass.

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