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Lego Star Wars Battles shuttered in July, now returning as an Apple Arcade exclusive

The game was in beta for two years

a screenshot from Lego Star Wars Battles Image: TT Games Brighton/Warner Bros. Games

Lego Star Wars Battles, a mobile real-time strategy game that was shut down in July, is getting re-released as an Apple Arcade exclusive. The game was soft-launched in a few countries in 2019, and its servers were shuttered in 2021.

Developer TT Games Brighton announced the relaunch on Monday. The studio did not give an exact release date, saying only that the game is “coming soon.” Lego Star Wars Battles’ servers were unceremoniously shut off earlier this year, with players notified in advance via an in-game message.

“We are sorry to say that LEGO Star Wars Battles will be closing,” TT Games Brighton announced in May. The studio instructed players to use any remaining in-game currency before the game was taken offline on July 1. Media and Lego Star Wars Battles players took the shutdown to mean the game was canceled.

Polygon has reached out to publisher Warner Bros. Games for more information.

Soon to be available as an Apple Arcade exclusive, Lego Star Wars Battles will require a subscription. Games on Apple’s service are playable with a $4.99-a-month fee, which lets players access more than 150 titles. The games are ad-free, but playable only as long as a subscription is active. Sometimes, Apple Arcade exclusives will later receive a console or Windows PC release after some time.

Lego Star Wars Battles spans the franchise, but most importantly, there are porgs.

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