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YouTuber makes the biggest ‘F’ key you’ve ever seen

The biggest way to pay respects

A comically large meme has finally gotten its comically large button. Thanks to the magic of 3D printing, a YouTuber has created a fully functional giant F key that’s easily the size of a child’s head.

YouTuber Jaryd Giesen created the key and showed it off on his channel where he documented the entire process of making it. To create it, Giesen basically put a normal-sized keyboard key into a giant F key that presses the small version of the key. So it’s a real switch, inside a giant 3D-printed switch. The button he made was modeled off his own keyboard and even comes complete with RGB lighting.

Pressing the “F” key is a time-honored tradition and meme. The origin of the practice came from a scene in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. In the game’s campaign, the player character attends the funeral of a fellow Marine officer. During the ceremony, just before you lay your dear comrade to rest, the PC version of the game prompts you to “Press F to Pay Respects.” The cutscene missed the mark emotionally, but it was funny enough to catch the attention of people who played it.

Since then, it’s become one of gaming’s most well-known memes with its own spin-offs of the joke. Sometimes a streamer might ask for an “F in the chat” to acknowledge a particularly funny flub, or chat can proactively send a stream of Fs to make light of a mistake that the streamer made while playing.

The giant button is a fun gimmick that feels appropriate to the spirit of pressing F. The meme has finally found a button fit for the jokes it inspired.

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