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Punch this Lego Mario question mark block to open new worlds

Explore four Super Mario 64 worlds inside this one Lego set

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Lego announced a $169.99 question mark block set based on Super Mario 64 on Thursday morning. But this isn’t just a big, expensive yellow cube with punctuation on the side. No, much like the question mark blocks in the Mushroom Kingdom, this Lego set is hiding something magical inside. With a delicate touch, builders can open up the question mark block to reveal four mini sets, each designed after a world in Mario’s Nintendo 64 classic.

The trailer for the question mark block set makes it look like some kind of magic — a tiny, plastic pocket dimension that holds childhood memories — but it’s actually just a complex system of rotating panels and locks. The worlds sit on top of the question mark block when you’re displaying or playing them, and fold back into the block when you’re done.

Lego Mario question mark block set four levels
Each level has a minimalist design, with just enough features to make them recognizable.
Image: Lego/YouTube

The tiny diorama features four of the unique levels from Super Mario 64. There’s the classic Peach’s Castle, alongside Bob-omb Battlefield, Cool Cool Mountain, and Lethal Lava Trouble. The set comes with several minimalist Mario characters, including Yoshi, Peach, King Bob-omb, Chain Chomp, a Big Bully, that creepy eye thing, the plumber himself, and more. Players who own the interactive Lego Mario or Lego Luigi can place those characters on the set to find 10 hidden Power Stars.

The question mark block measures over 7 inches tall, wide, and deep. It comes with 2,064 pieces and is recommended for adults 18 and over. Lego and Super Mario 64 fans can pick up the set on Oct. 1.

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