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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 coming to PS5 in 2023, bringing Venom with it

Quick trailer confirms Insomniac’s big 2018 hit is getting a full sequel

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Face front, true believers! Marvel’s Spider-Man is indeed getting a sequel. Insomniac Games teased the new game on Thursday at Sony’s PlayStation Showcase 2021 and teased an important new villain: Venom.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is coming to PlayStation 5 in 2023, and both Peter Parker and Miles Morales will be in it as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Men.

Ryan Schneider, head of franchise strategy and studio relations at Insomniac Games, said on the PlayStation Blog that Marvel’s Spider-Man creative director Bryan Intihar and game director Ryan Smith will return for the sequel. Schneider also revealed that Tony Todd (of Candyman fame) will be voice Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Yuri Lowenthal and Nadji Jeter will reprise their roles as Peter and Miles, respectively.

Marvel’s Spider-Man launched in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and was a tremendous hit for both Sony and Insomniac Games. Sony acquired the studio in 2019, following a nearly 20-year history of Insomniac developing big franchises for PlayStation consoles.

The first game starred Peter Parker/Spider-Man and practically every major villain he’s taken on in the character’s 50-year history. The story builds to a confrontation with Mister Negative, a relatively new baddie (first appearance in 2008) but ended on a cliffhanger that left plenty of narrative room for a sequel.

It was followed by a spinoff, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a stand-alone title for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 that launched in November 2020. That continued the plot line introduced in the main game, where teenager Miles Morales is bitten by a spider genetically engineered by Norman Osborn, gaining spider-powers in an origin story similar to the one introducing the character in 2011.