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Life is Strange: True Colors streamer mode leads to some extremely awkward silence

But it does make for good meme fodder

alex playing air guitar Image: Square Enix

Streamers broadcasting Life is Strange: True Colors to their audiences are feeling awkward about the lack of music in the game’s streamer mode. The tool itself is designed to mute any copyrighted music that might set off DMCA takedown notices on streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube — and it does exactly that. Some streamers were surprised to find out, however, that there’s no music to replace what’s been muted.

That makes some seems a bit awkward. Like, for instance, when True Colors star Alex Chen is singing a Radiohead song. As Alex strums away on her guitar in an emotional scene the day she’s reunited with her brother, there’s simply no sound. Alex may think she’s a creep (heh) but we can’t hear it.

But the worst offender is absolutely a moment where Alex and her brother Gabe are dancing to a Kings of Leon song early on in the game. It’s incredible and also awkward to watch Alex and Gabe dance wildly to silence — nothing but the stomping of their feet to the tune.

The upside is that this is an extremely good opportunity for meme makers. What are Alex and Gabe absolutely rocking out to? That’s your choice. Here at Polygon, we believe it’s Hannah Montana’s “Hoedown Throwdown.” (Spoilers: Miley Cyrus is actually Hannah Montana.) Just a thought!

In reality, the option to turn Life is Strange: True Colors’ music off is a good thing, and a really handy option for streamers. The alternative is having to worry about DMCA takedown notices or manually muting those sections of the game. I guess Deck Nine could have potentially put some DMCA-free music over the the impacted scenes, but ... think of the memes we can make now!

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