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PS5 update adds SSD expansion and much more tomorrow

As long as it’s exactly the right SSD ... and maybe not even then

A PlayStation 5 with a PS5 controller Image: Sony
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PlayStation 5’s second major firmware update is coming this week and it will finally let you add extra storage to your console. The update also includes several UI improvements, new features for PS Remote Play, and a few other upgrades.

While support for additional storage is the biggest new feature in the September update, it’s also a little complicated. The only compatible storage will be certain M.2 high-speed solid state drives ... but not all of them. Only M.2 SSDs that meet Sony’s specific requirements on performance and size will be compatible — and even then, Sony says that they might not work with the console. Sony also recommends that all M.2 SSDs are installed with a heat sink. Once all those requirements are met, and the drive is installed properly, you will be able to download and play games directly from the new drive.

The new update will also bring several improvements to the PS5’s user experience, which should make it easier to view game content and social features. The update will allow you to customize and hide Control Center buttons, and even read and write messages from there.

There are also new features for trophy tracking, highlight recording, and a few other UI improvements. For instance, the Games Library will display the PS4 and PS5 versions of games separately if you own both versions.

The PS Remote Play App is also getting a few improvements with the update, including the ability to play games over mobile networks. Users can select from a variety of preferred video quality settings in order to manage their overall network usage. Sony also says that the experience on mobile networks could vary greatly depending on mobile providers and network environment.

PlayStation 5’s September firmware update is due out on Wednesday, though several features won’t go live until Thursday, Sept. 23. For a full list of all the new features included in the update, and a detailed list of which M.2 drives will (maybe) work with the PS5, you can check out Sony’s PlayStation Blog post.

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