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Doom mod resurrects Margaret Thatcher as a Cyberdemon

The UK is Hell’s 10th circle, according to Thatcher’s Techbase

Margaret Thatcher appears as a cyberdemon in an adaptation of Doom II’s cover Image: Core Lo Art

If you’re a Doom fan feeling nostalgic for the 1980s as represented by big hair, bad fashion, and British accents, look no further than Thatcher’s Techbase, a forthcoming Doom WAD that pits you against the Iron Lady and her hellspawn.

Available Sept. 24 on “PC, Mac, Linux and whatever the hell you want to try running it on,” Thatcher’s Techbase is brought to you by modder Dr. Doom Daddy and an all-star cast of collaborators. The mod supports cooperative and deathmatch play, offers five difficulty levels, and is “completely free.”

The mod’s official description doesn’t make it sound like this is a tribute to Maggie Thatcher, prime minister from 1979 to 1990. “Faced with the return of one of humanity’s greatest threats, you have no choice but to head to the 10th circle of hell,” it reads. “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.” OK then!

Thatcher is regarded by historians as one of the 20th century’s more accomplished PMs, though she consistently faced low approval ratings in her public life. One would expect that of a politician who took free milk away from schoolchildren. Tut-tut.

Barry Topping (Paradise Killer) supplies the soundtrack, which will be dropping on Bandcamp next week. The cast of voice actors includes Laila Berzins, who was Persephone and Demeter in Hades (and is also The Baroness, the big bad of Lost In Random, which launched Friday). Rafael Batista de Lima illustrated the sprites, while Core Lo Art designed the key art, which shows Thatcher-as-Cyberdemon blasting away at Doomguy.

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