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Sea of Thieves’ next season sends pirates under the sea

Season 4 starts on Sept. 23

Sea of Thieves - four players with the sun setting behind them Image: Rare/Microsoft Studios

A new Sea of Thieves season is about to begin, which means pirates will be granted new in-game challenges and a Plunder Pass full of rewards. Season 4 is due to start on Sept. 23, and Rare has posted a very short teaser showcasing what the new season will have to offer. It looks as though pirates are going to have to delve beneath the waves, which is a notoriously dangerous place.

Season 3 was based around the Pirates of the Caribbean crossover with Captain Jack Sparrow. A Pirate’s Life was meant to be cinematic and story based, but it looks like season 4 will return to the Sea of Thieves-specific lore and expand on the existing world. We haven’t spent that much time under the sea, but there are tons of threats down there to defeat — and treasure to obtain.

Sea of Thieves seasons come with a Plunder Pass, which includes a free and paid version. The paid version usually includes neat cosmetics, like a new coat of paint for your ship or a nice ruffled shirt to wear at an outpost. These passes also include in-game currencies like doubloons and gold.

Sea of Thieves’ season 4 is set to release on Sept. 23, and will run for about three months.

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