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Sea of Thieves’ next season introduces siren shrines full of booty

Plunder shrines, kill coral beasts, get rich

We knew that Sea of Thieves newest season would send pirates beneath the waves, but now Rare has revealed more details behind the game’s next update. Siren Shrines and Treasuries are arriving to the Sea of Thieves, and players will be able to either track them on their boat’s map, or look for the telltale shimmer of siren treasure on the surface of the water. The reward, of course, is tons of treasure.

Some underwater enemies were introduced during the previous season, A Pirate’s Life, which included a crossover with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. They play a much bigger role in season 4. Siren shrines seem to have a lot in common with the above-water fort, except instead of skeletons, players have to work their way through waves of sirens, coral beasts, and other threats. They also have to solve puzzles to get to the final wave of treasure.

Luckily, helpful mermaids will help pirates transport their loot to the surface in one go, so you don’t have to worry about the long trip back and forth with all of your coral-encrusted treasure. Coral-encrusted bottles have washed up on the shores, which give the player voyages into the Sunken Kingdom in order to find the Breath of the Sea. This mysterious potion sells and gives rep to the training companies.

Pirates can earn special coral-related cosmetics, like a ship set, scars, and even a curse by completing the new Sunken Kingdom. There’s also a Plunder Pass, which is free and offers 100 free levels of gear and currencies. An updated Plunder Pass grants some extra cosmetics for interested players.

Sea of Thieves’ new season is planned to launch on Sept. 23, and is a free addition to the game. The Sunken Kingdom content will remain in the game for players to explore, while the Plunder Pass is limited to the three-month duration of this season.

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