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Pokémon Unite adding new Squads feature, Space Gengar in new season

The Pokémon Unite team is also working on a game mode that addresses some of players’ “pay-to-win” concerns

Pokémon Unite is about to go even more mobile with its iOS and Android versions arriving on Wednesday, but the update will also add new content to the game. A new blog post from The Pokémon Company detailed a new battle pass, upcoming in-game events, Unite Squads, and cross-platform play, and also teased some upcoming content.

The mobile version of Pokémon Unite, which The Pokémon Company will launch on Sept. 22, includes the same Pokémon and maps that players have come to love. Fans can link their mobile and Nintendo Switch accounts to share progress and even matchmake into games with players on either version.

One of the more interesting additions to Pokémon Unite is that of Unite Squads, which The Pokémon Company describes thusly: “Trainers can create their own squads or search for already-existing squads to join and connect with other players. By choosing squad tags that others can search for, like-minded Trainers can find each other easily.”

Pokemon Unite’s new Unite Squads interface Image: Studio TiMi/The Pokémon Company

The mobile version of Pokémon Unite also heralds the addition of the game’s second battle pass for cosmetic rewards: Galactic Ghost 094 (094 is Gengar’s Pokédex number). The battle pass includes glowing Holowear rewards, but most importantly, players can pick up a new space suit for Gengar. There are also non-Gengar space-themed items for players to earn in the new battle pass.

Finally, The Pokémon Company offered some slight teases on upcoming content. The trailer showed off Sylveon and Mamoswine in action, two Pokémon we already knew are coming to the game. But the blog states that the team will add a new mode that’s fair for all Trainers, “regardless of their held items’ grades,” which appears to address “pay-to-win” balance concerns about Pokémon Unite. We’ve reached out to The Pokémon Company for any additional information on this mode or its potential release date, but a mode like this would even the playing field for newer players.

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