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Monster Hunter Rise to get ‘massive expansion’ in summer 2022

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Capcom made the announcement at today’s Nintendo Direct

a dragon spreading its wings in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Image: Nintendo/Twitch

Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise will receive a “massive expansion” called Sunbreak in the summer of 2022, according to an announcement at Thursday’s Nintendo Direct. A new trailer for the expansion, which will be a paid DLC, featured a massive dragon flying through the sky as a purple and red sunset unfolded.

Yoshiaki Koizumi, serving as the host of the Nintendo Direct, was the one who characterized Capcom’s upcoming expansion as “massive.” Apparently, he said, it will include “new stories, locales, monsters, and — although not touched on in the trailer — new hunting actions and quest rank.”

Monster Hunter Rise launched to great acclaim last March, although its story wasn’t actually finished; its cliffhanger ending was amended in an update that came out in May. That update added new monsters and story content, including — of course — an actual ending to the game. This upcoming expansion will presumably build upon that groundwork.