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Netflix made another video game, a bloody tie-in with Kate

Seek revenge against the Yakuza

Netflix’s Kate, the latest in a recent spate of woman-led action films, debuted on the streaming service to a lukewarm reception two weeks ago. But fans of the Mary Elizabeth Winstead vehicle will have a different way into it next month with Kate: Collateral Damage, a video game spinoff of the movie.

Kate: Collateral Damage is a “time-attack, action roguelike inspired by the Netflix film,” according to its Steam description. The game is scheduled to launch Oct. 22 on Windows PC, and it is being developed by Ludic Studios, the Brazilian indie team behind 2018’s Akane.

Like the film, Collateral Damage stars Kate, although it’s unclear if Winstead lends her voice to the game character. It follows the titular assassin on a quest for revenge against a Yakuza crime boss that poisoned her. Kate battles through a neon-colored Tokyo underground with fast-paced action from an isometric perspective. A brief gameplay video shows the game’s pixelated art style as well as Kate slicing her way through a slew of enemies room by room.

Both the game and movie come on the heels of a series of movies about female killers in the past few months. Netflix released Kate in early September, following July’s Gunpowder Milkshake, a John Wick knockoff starring a female cast. Outside of Netflix, there were also The Protégé and Jolt.

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