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Super Nintendo World theme park expands with Donkey Kong area in 2024

Universal Studios and Nintendo to grow Super Nintendo World by 70%

Artwork of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong from Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Image: Retro Studios/Nintendo

Universal Studios’ Super Nintendo World theme park in Japan is expanding in 2024 with the opening of a new Donkey Kong-themed area, Nintendo said in a news release Tuesday. The new Donkey Kong area will feature a roller coaster, unspecified “interactive experiences,” and themed merchandise and food.

Nintendo and Universal Studios said the Donkey Kong expansion will increase Super Nintendo World’s footprint by about 70%. Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Donkey Kong and Super Mario, is aiding in the development of the new area with Universal’s and Nintendo’s respective creative teams.

Artwork of the new Donkey Kong area at Super Nintendo World offers some hints about what to expect: a jungle theme, a pool (or some other bright blue water feature), and a temple that appears to house the roller coaster — and if it’s Donkey Kong themed, that likely means a white-knuckle mine cart ride.

Artwork of the expanded Super Nintendo World featuring Donkey Kong Image: Nintendo/Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World opened in March 2021, after a series of delays, at the Osaka-based theme park. The Super Mario-themed area features two rides: an augmented-reality Mario Kart-themed experience and Yoshi’s Adventure, a more casual, kid-friendly tour of the Mushroom Kingdom. The park also offers an interactive experience using a wrist-worn Power Up band that lets visitors play a meta-minigame. The Super Mario area of Super Nintendo World also features themed restaurants (Toad’s Kinopio’s Cafe) and gift shops.

Versions of Super Nintendo World are also in the works at Universal Studios’ Hollywood and Orlando theme parks. The version of Super Nintendo World in Orlando is reportedly planned to open in early 2025, at the park’s Epic Universe area.

For those who can’t wait (and can’t get to Osaka), you can tour Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan via YouTube.

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