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Dead by Daylight’s next survivor is a witch, my new best friend

Meet Mikaela Reid

Dead by Daylight - Mikaela Reid, a young woman with curly red hair and witchy garb, looks through a book of spells Image: Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight is a scary game, so it’s appropriate we’re getting an update on the game’s next character as we head into October and towards Halloween. The next content update for Dead by Daylight is Hour of the Witch, and it includes a new Survivor named Mikaela Reid.

We didn’t get a look at Mikaela’s exclusive perks, which change the way each Survivor plays. However, Survivors tend to be much squishier and more vulnerable than Killers, and have very little, if anything, in the way of offensive capabilities. It seems that Mikaela may be able to use her witchy ways to help the team in a support capability, as a tweet by developer Behaviour Interactive reads “She brings light and life to a realm of darkness and death.”

It makes sense to get a new Survivor, as the last addition to the game was Pinhead. The Hellraiser update only contained a Killer. Usually these updates also have a complementary Survivor. While Pinhead is a licensed character, Mikaela appears to be totally original to Dead by Daylight, and she’ll likely have some sort of story that explains how she ended up in the Fog.

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