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New World’s launch is proving too popular for its servers, but Amazon has a plan

The MMO has hundreds of thousands of players and massive queue times

An armored archer aims his bow in a screenshot from Amazon Game Studios’ New World Image: Amazon Game Studios
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Amazon’s MMO New World was finally released on Tuesday after months of testing and delays, but it’s already a little too popular for its servers. This has led to long queues as players try to log into the game.

During its official launch day of Sept. 28, New World peaked at number two on Steam with a player count of just over 700,000. This massive player count is good news for Amazon, but the game’s servers apparently weren’t up to the task. The game has over 26,000 Steam reviews, and most of them — which Steam labels as Mixed, with just 48% skewing positive at the time of writing — complain about the game’s massive queues and limited server capacity.

Of course, Amazon Game Studios is more than aware of New World’s problem. In a launch day update post on the game’s website, the developer explained that its short-term goal is setting up new servers and working to expand the capacity of the ones that are already online, in order to help everyone log in and play as soon as possible.

Amazon Game Studios also has a long-term plan to let players transfer their characters to an entirely new server for free in the next two weeks. This should help balance the load so that certain overpopulated servers aren’t too stressed, while lower-population servers — with lower queue times — should get a boost in players to even things out.

While all of these plans should help reduce the queue times in the future for New World, it’s likely that players will still have to deal with a wait to log in for the next few days, especially on more populated servers. But as Amazon rolls out its solutions, and the hype eventually dies down a bit, players should hopefully be able to get into Aeternum a little more quickly.

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