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Halo Infinite clips are everywhere, here are some of the highlights

The Halo Infinite Technical Test finally let players into Big Team Battle last weekend

Two armored Spartan soldiers ready their rifles in Halo Infinite Image: 343 Industries/Xbox Game Studios
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Halo Infinite just completed its third multiplayer test weekend, and Twitter has been ablaze with various highlight clips and plays. With the addition of Big Team Battle — Halo’s large-scale multiplayer mode that features a variety of vehicles and super weapons — the clips got even more elaborate. Here’s a look at some of the most fun Halo Infinite clips we could find.

Most Halo Infinite clips out there feature one of two things: vehicles or the new grappling hook. The best clips feature both.

The big feature everyone seems jazzed about in Big Team Battle is that Spartans can use their fancy new grappling hooks to reel themselves into enemy vehicles to hijack them — taking control and chucking the original pilot out. This clip from Bill Murderin’ on Twitter shows hijacking at its best:

Or there’s this train of hijacks from iSpiteful on Twitter:

Players can also grapple and hijack flying vehicles, demonstrated beautifully in this joyous clip from Kinda Funny’s Andy Cortez:

Then again, vehicles also don’t need to be intact for players to grapple onto them, as Drift0r on Twitter demonstrates in this trick-shot clip:

Other clips just highlight the magical things you can do with vehicles in Halo Infinite —which players have been doing in Halo games for decades — like turning them into projectiles. Mint Blitz on Twitter demonstrates that nicely in this clip:

Or you can carry the flag in style like Hidden Reach shows off in this clip on Twitter:

And of course there’s the tried and true “Gravity Hammer on the back of a Mongoose” strategy, which The Act Man on Twitter displays in this clip:

Other Halo Infinite clips just show off what’s possible in the latest Halo title. For example, lefthumb on Twitter shows off some sweet grapple tech to capture the flag:

Tyler on Twitter offered a clip that shows off what you can do when Halo Infinite’s weapons literally fall from the sky:

Another Mint Blitz clip shows off the new Killionaire medal in an unbelievable chain of kills:

And FaZe Orba wins the trick-shot of the weekend with an unreal mid-air snipe:

While all of these clips show what peak Halo Infinite performance looks like, it’s important to remember that things don’t always go as planned. To round things out, we have a clip Gandalf Gaming found on YouTube and then shared to Twitter:

Just a few weekends into its multiplayer life and we’re already seeing Halo clips up and down our timeline. It’s unclear if this enthusiasm will continue past Halo Infinite’s launch, but fans certainly seem more excited by Infinite than they were around last year’s delay.

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