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New World players are working on hardcore fishing for big battles

Crafting is serious business

New World - a player enters a bustling settlement, with a market full of stands Image: Amazon Game Studios
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

New World offers a lush island for players to explore, and nearly everything you can encounter can be chopped down, picked up, or skinned to create materials for some kind of crafting. One of the most humble (and calming) professions is fishing. But New World’s most dedicated players aren’t fishing for fun — they’re trying to get sick buffs for their big PvP battles.

In a post on the game’s Reddit page, a user called BlakeGarrison62 explains that certain legendary fish can be crafted into a foodstuff that increases a certain stat by 40. The buff lasts 30 minutes, which is enough to turn the tide in a major battle. Certain classes, like fire mages, would see a massive increase in their damage. In short, knowledge is power, and players who know that fishing gets you those tasty buffs will be seeing big advantages on the battlefield.

A big part of New World is discovering the world and naturally working up one’s crafting skills. Every time I leave an encampment, I take a pause to cut down trees and pick up stones. But while some of these advantages are very clear, like turning materials into a superior weapon that helps me murder more monsters, others are a little trickier to puzzle out.

Player-made resources like the New World fishing guide can help close the gap between those who know the secrets of the fishing spots, and those who ignorantly cook and eat basic rations. There’s a surprising amount of science to it, and just going to the water and fishing isn’t the best way to actually learn how to fish. Instead, New World players are swapping their bait and camping two-star hotspots (not one-star, not three-star — two is the most efficient) for hours.

It just goes to show that in New World, teamwork truly does make the dream work. If you’re interested in holding down a settlement and battling back your foes, it might be worth putting a few folk on fishing. As players continue to puzzle out the secrets of this game, it’ll be fascinating to see how competitive the big PvP battles between dozens of players can get.