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Fortnite now has a new skins return policy

You get three per year now

The Orange Justice emote in Fortnite Image: Epic Games via Polygon

When your skins don’t fit in Fortnite, you can now return them to the Fortnite depot within 30 days from purchase. Epic Games has updated its return policy for players that demand their V-Bucks back, it announced Tuesday.

Players previously had a lifetime limit on their return requests; if you use them all, that was that. Now, players can make three return requests per year. If you decide that — oops! — this cosmetic item doesn’t quite fit your vibe, you get 30 days to submit a return request. Each request “slot” becomes available again 365 days after it was last used. Basically, there’s a maximum of three return requests to be stacked at once, and once you’ve started using them, one will be refreshed per year.

Of course, you can’t get your real money back — you just get the V-Bucks you spent returned. But it’s a welcome change for players with recent buyer’s remorse. Plus, you’d be surprised how easy it is to accidentally buy Fortnite skins on console.

Epic said the request slots won’t work for stuff like the Battle Pass, Battle Pass levels, and Llamas, which are not returnable. You can find the Return Requests page in Fortnite’s Accounts and Privacy menu, Epic said.

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